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Rachel Brake
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Rachel Brake is an engaging music educator, conductor, arts administrator, and performer based in Boston, MA. She is an effective leader and collaborator, and an accomplished musician with extensive instrumental and choral conducting experience.

Music classroom--college, middle and high school, elementary

Music Educator


Rachel Brake has taught in the Churchville-Chili school district of NY as a student teacher in K-4th grade general music classrooms, 4th-grade choir, and 4th-grade band and lessons. Whether in one-on-one or group settings, she cultivates a positive, structured learning environment where students of all ages, diverse backgrounds, and abilities are inspired and enabled to develop their skills. 

Rachel is inspired by young musicians and their joy and enthusiasm to learn. Each lesson she creates guides students to experience, create, and perform exceptional music.

Middle & High School

Rachel Brake is a substitute teacher at Christian Heritage School in Connecticut, where she has led high school, middle school, and 5th-grade band rehearsals and lessons. While completing her student teaching in Penfield, NY, she taught middle school band and lessons. Her effective classroom management skills allow her to lead well on the podium and in a classroom. 

In Boston, Rachel serves on the faculty of the NEC Preparatory School as a substitute Conducting Fellow for large ensembles. She enjoys cultivating excellent music with each group of talented young musicians during rehearsals and looks forward to continuing her work conducting advanced youth ensembles.


Rachel Brake has been a guest instructor for instrumental conducting studios at the New England Conservatory where students learn by leading a small orchestra. Her ability to encourage individual strengths and offer helpful, concise feedback to address desired improvements motivates students. Rachel loves this unique setting where she can combine her passions for teaching and conducting.


As a teaching assistant for the New England Conservatory's wind ensemble, Rachel also provides additional help and lessons to undergraduate and graduate students outside of conducting studio classes. She applies what she has learned from her own experience to address basic and advanced techniques, score analysis, rehearsal procedures, and knowledge of orchestra and wind ensemble repertoire.


Performance Conducting

  • Navy Band Northeast

  • New England Conservatory Wind Ensemble

  • New England Conservatory Symphonic Wind Ensemble

  • Roberts Wesleyan University Symphony Orchestra

  • Roberts Wesleyan University Wind Ensemble

  • Graduate conductor recital

  • Woodwind ensemble recital

Guest Conducting

​ Instrumental

  • New England Conservatory

    • Wind Ensemble

    • Symphonic Wind Ensemble

    • Percussion Ensemble

    • Saxophone Ensemble

    • Preparatory School ensembles

      • MYWE Concert Band

      • Junior MYWE

  • Christian Heritage School high school band

​ Choral

  • Christian Heritage School middle and high school choirs

  • Chestnut Ridge Elementary School 4th grade choir

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